Crates and baskets

Rustic crates – These are fantastic to build displays, check out our range of candles, vases and signs too!
They can also be used as photo prop holders or to hold our blankets
£5.50 each (4 available)



White crate – perfect for cards, presents, photo props, confetti etc! – £4white crate cards

Small wicker basket £4 – Could be used for sparklers, confetti, bubbles, wands etc


Confetti Crate £8
23 x 31 x 15 cm
Confetti crate

Wedding Chest £10

Wedding chest

Pine crates – small and medium size available – perfect for photo props or cards and gifts
small £3
medium £4
pine crates

Wicker Hamper Baskets £4 eachwicker hampers

Wicker basket £3
wicker basket4

Flip flop basket £4

flip flop basket and sign

White washed wicker basket (with lid) £4

white wicker basket with lid

White wooden tray £3
confetti tray

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